Begining of the Realms

Beginning of the Realms

No one knows from wince the Supreme God Alterigus came only that he is. To be honest he does not know of how he came to be nor does he know how he became all-powerful only that it is so. A mixture of boredom and loneliness lead to Alterigus creating the other Gods each in a different aspect of thought. First was Lord Solar the sun God, the portrayal of Material existence; when Solar was created the burning star of the heavens was created there after. Next was Mistress Moltaer Goddess of Fire, the embodiment of rage. Lord Apolus God of the sky, manifestation of Freedom was next. After He it was Lady Soltier the Goddess of Earth incarnation of life. Soon after Lord Aquarius God of the Seas, Embodiment of loneliness came to be. Last to be created were the twin brother and sister Lady Luna Goddess of the Moons, the representation of Darkness and Lord Magus God of Magic, the personification of Light.

The young Gods decided to work together and under Alterigus’s guidance created a single world perfect in all aspects with a single moon orbiting it, which circled the sun. The Gods each had their own idea of what should be on the planet mixing their thoughts together life emerged in many forms flourishing. Harmony was in place as the Gods fulfilled their duties keeping all in order and check, their creations lived among one another in peace.

However serenity was not to last as the Gods began to feud over who had the rights to what. Lord Solar was infatuated with Lady Luna and her radiance soon he over stepped his position forcing Luna’s precious moon to reside on the side of the planet facing the sun so that he could watch its magnificence at all times. She was outraged pushing the moon closer to the planet to break the pull that the sun held over it. This caused altercations between Lord Aquarius and Lady Soltier who had become lovers until the flow of the sea was altered and the tides washed over the land flooding its fertile soil with the toxic waters killing much life.

Believing that it was his doing Lady Soltier was deeply wounded feeling that she had been betrayed despite the plentiful life that she had gifted to the sea to ease Aquarius’s sorrow. Soon Lord Moltaer had joined forces with Aquarius who had been ravaged by Lord Apolus. Apolus had united with Lady Soltier having felt obligated to aid her for her gift of life; he turned on Aquarius nearly defeating him had Moltaer not gotten wind of the plot. Mistress Moltaer believed that if she could defeat Soltier she could take her for her own, which led to her siding with Aquarius.

Lord Magus aided his twin sister Luna helping her push back Lord Solar’s advances. With his influence the planet shifted moving away from the sun, which plunged all into darkness. Outraged by his creations squabbling Alterigus descended upon the lesser Gods, He decided to split them apart since they could not be trusted to get along. Using his power He pulled them from each other’s throats and imprisoned them in different plains of existence.

In isolation they grew feeling only their existence and before long they had seen the errors of their ways. However they knew that they would never truly return to as they had been before everything had changed, the perfect planet which had been sculpted with their combined hands now lay in ruins.

With the fall of Paradise Alterigus created a new Goddess, Sintress the beguiling Lady of death and despair He gave to her the frozen and lifeless fallen Paradise. She was most pleased doing little to what had already happened to the desolate place. She relished the destruction that the other Gods had created wanting more. Soon the souls of the destroyed creatures walked the surface of her Realm causing unending pleasure for her perverse mind. Unknown to the others she watched and listened to their every move from her vantage point beside Alterigus himself.

The other gods pleaded with Alterigus that if He would not let them see each other that he would at least help them create their own realms to show Him that they had matured. He agreed and so the seven Realms came to be each molded by the hands of the Governing God. Knowing that the sun and moon were needed for each realm Alterigus made the plains of existence overlap creating a singular sun and moon while the realms were still separate.

Pleased by this the Gods set to work crafting what they envisioned to be the perfect world. Soon problems became apparent as even in isolation Lady Luna and Lord Solar were still feuding. Luna lamented the fact that even in her own realm Lord Solar could watch her every move and the darkness which she so loved was constantly being swayed by the rotation of the planet.

Alterigus cared not however keeping order as the gods flourished alone in their existences. Soon however another predicament arose Lady Soltier was the only god with someone else to speak with all the others had become increasingly frustrated over this matter. They told Alterigus that there was no meaning in crafting a world if it would be barren and devoid of life. Bending the rules He allowed Soltier to visit each realm imparting upon it the desired life that her brothers and sisters wished for.

For his allegiance she made the mighty Dragons for Apolus and the Realm of Air. To Luna and the Realm of Shadows she gifted the devious Devils. In the Realm of Light she gave Magus the angelic Ascended. Within the Realm of Fire she crafted the errant Elementals for Moltaer. Coming upon Lord Solar she molded the humble Humans within the Material Realm. Last she visited her former lover, Aquarius to him and the Realm of Water she left the insensitive Naga who cared little for their God. The elegant Elves had long since been born into the Earth realm, the children Soltier. She left not only the dominate race but plants and lesser beings upon each Realm out of the kindness of heart and joy that the other Gods displayed when she had done this.

The gods pleased with their realms Alterigus saw fit to allow them a more in-depth view of their creation. They were bound to their realms with use of sacred altars, which allowed them to be in tuned with the realm and its inhabitants. From these alters they drew power and were able to influence the Realm directly through their thoughts.

Having finished her task Soltier returned to her Realm only to find Sintress waiting, the Mistress of Death seduced the Lady of Life causing the beings in which had just been created to lose their immortality this pleased Sintress’s cold heart knowing that the other gods would despair with the deaths of their loyal subjects. Realizing her mistake Soltier was beside herself with grief causing all the gods to feel her anguish.

Alterigus relieved Soltier’s pain by allowing the creatures to breed thus preserving life and foiling Sintress. However Sintress was actually happy with this act foreseeing the unending cycle of life and death.

Soon the Mortals wished to visit the creatures of the other Realms and learn about the other Gods. For this matter Alterigus allowed the twins to create a system of travel between the Realms. This culminated in the creation of a magical portal upon the Moon which is linked to each Realm through sub systems all across the lands allowing for one to transit quickly and easily to another God’s plain of existence. Pleased greatly by this the Gods began to communicate with one another yet again and trade flourished for the mortals leading to a golden age.

The age of prosperity lasted for three thousand years before turmoil boiled over the horizon yet again. The Mortals became increasingly numerous and soon they wanted other portals since the single one was too congested with traffic that it could take years to travel. Luna and Magus convened determining that in fact more were needed, Luna created six new Moons and Magus placed a portal linking each moon to its respective Realm greatly decreasing the over population problem.

Lord Solar was increasingly persistent that Luna should be his, by this point she was taunting him with the seven moons. When she refused he sent his followers to claim her and all out war spread like cancer across the realms, the portals were all contested with the turbulence. The humans flowed like water from the Material Realm descending onto the Shadow Realm to please their God. They were held back by the Devils who tenaciously defended the portals along the side the Ascended who came to their aid to drive back the horde of Humans whom out numbered them ten to one.

The first Lunar war ended with the defeat of Lord Solar but the after math was catastrophic. The death toll between all parties involved reached tens of billions and the portals had been damaged severely making them inoperable. Sintress was beside herself with joy over the ordeal, she quickly began to sow the seeds of wars to come.

After the war The Ascended went with the flow of travelers spreading their knowledge of the Arcane arts far and wide. Legends were born of Angels descending from the heavens to put an end to the strife and thus magic spread throughout the Realms. Some even went to the Material Realm sensing that they might find great minds among the humans.

Luna was beside herself with the loss of life and just seeing the light from the sun made her quake with rage. Magus helped her with this problem setting up mythic seals on her Realm, which reflected the sun away to his Realm casting eternal darkness over the Shadow Realm and the opposite to his own.

Seeing such a marvelous thing Lord Solar came to Magus requesting that the same be done to his Realm. However Magus refused telling him that it could not work with one Realm alone there must two and that he would not do it to Realm that was not willing. Outraged Lord Solar returns to his realm and broods over how to achieve his new goal.

Hundreds of years pass as Lord Solar recuperates from his loss however he is not content to just sit around, he wants Magus’s spell. His armies surge out assaulting the Earth Realm, the most ill prepared realm for war since its inhabitants, the peace loving Elves, had not known the touch of death before the humans came. Like lambs taken to slaughter they were easily out matched and Soltier pleaded from help when the armies of Lord Solar were fast approaching the ends of her Realm searching for the alter that bound her to the Earth Realm.

Soltier’s wails of weakness were heard by all and every realm sent aid with the exceptions of Aquarius and Moltaer who assisted Lord Solar striking from the back of the reinforcements. The Gods were divided and war spread to all Realms engulfing them in raging flames. Seeing no end to the conflict in sight Alterigus chose to deal with the instigator of the ordeal striking Lord Solar down and destroying his moon.

These actions had a horrific effect on Luna driving her insane from the loss of her moon. Her very essence was placed in the moons and the loss of one might as well have been a mortal wound to the Goddess. Magus came to her side but it was too late when he arrived Sintress was already wrapped around her whispering her seductive promises. They fought Magus and the Seducer the heavens felt their power and the mortals trembled from Magus’s rage. At the climax of the battle Magus had the upper hand ready to seal Sintress away from the realms as he had always plotted to do once he had learned of her wretched existence. However Luna was Sintress’s slave and on command turned on him sending her crescent blade through his back interrupting the spell, which would have forever banished the Seducer to roam her own realm.

Realizing that she was already too far-gone to be saved from her spiral of despair he had no choice but to flee. For he alone could not hope to defeat Luna and Sintress. It was now during Her weakest moment that Luna fell to Sintress. The seeds that Sintress had sown were well planted and she harvested the strongest of the lesser Gods. Corruption befell the once glorious Devil race and a new breed came there after. The foul spawn of the twisted coupling of Luna and Sintress emerged from the darkened world to wreak havoc across the Realms.

Magus retreated to the Realm of Light distraught by Luna’s fall he sealed himself away from the rest. The seventh moon disappeared that day along with the Ascended as they feared corruption from Sintress. The grief accompanied by losing his twin sister led him to taking such measures; he knew that with Luna under Sintress’s thumb it could happen to him as well. The others were left to fend for themselves but he kept solace in the fact that if he fell then Sintress would have been unstoppable.

Alterigus split the Devils into two races causing them to fight amongst one another and so the Demons were born. Luna turned on them killing them by the millions until they ceased their fighting, but by this point their forces were too weak to continue sustained attacks and they fled back into the shadows forever divided.

Knowing that Sintress was behind the latest incident he struck her heart dealing a mortal blow, Paradise was turned to dust causing the dead to rise from their graves with no place for the spirit to go once life had ended. Crippled Sintress fell back on the one she knew she could, Luna. Sintress began her rule of the Shadow Realm on that day using Luna to her ends; the dead would forever rise in the Realm of Shadows.

The wars stopped with the fall of the Seducer and the Realms were in an uneasy ceasefire, not that it mattered with Luna corrupted and Magus gone travel between the Realms was near impossible les you were a demon or devil. The Material Realm had been severed from the rest only leaving small way points scattered across its surface leading in or out.

A thousand years have past since these events and we find ourselves in the current day. The Realms are divided, alliances shattered, and peace will never come to the land so long as the Seductress and her pawn Luna are left to do as they please. However as of late those venturing to the moons have been getting through safely leading all to wonder just what they are plotting now. Weakened by their struggles the Gods use their mortal servants more than ever searching through the masses for one which could lead armies, for one who could mend the shattered bonds between the Gods or sever it deeper.

That is where the Shattered Realms stand, on the brink of despair. The era of champions has come will you be on the side of the Righteous or the Damned, Who will you serve? Will you journey to unite the Shattered Plains or will you seek to destroy it?

Begining of the Realms

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